Choosing the most appropriate money transfer service depends on preferences. Some of us prefer entirely online, whereas some still prefer bricks and mortar banking processes. Xoom, as one of the market leaders, was serving people with affordability and convenience since its launch in 2001.

In 2015, PayPal, another money transfer giant, taken over Xoom and turns into the best in the market. All you need is to sign up for a free account with Xoom. Now, sending money from the bank account or debit/credit card is like a breeze.

Because of its ease of use, affordability, and, most importantly the trustworthiness, has ranked Xoon with 5-starts. It is the highest rating for any money transfer company. Brian Doezal of said, “Because Xoom is trustworthy, affordable, and easy to use, we’re pleased to award them our highest-ranking among Money Transfer services in 2019.”

The receivers can get the money either through bank or agent locations. The will depend on the destination country and currency types. No matter which destination or currency you choose, it will always cost lower than the other companies will. All the Xoom services come with a money-back guarantee. If anything goes wrong, you will get your money back.

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