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Things are getting global every day. Now, we pay for a subscription in New York while paying for an online course from Milan while enjoying time with families in Adelaide.  Thanks to overseas money transfer services, those are letting us do all these transactions safely and quickly. Moreover, seeding money to friends or families at home is like a breeze. 

Nevertheless, picking the best money transfer services is not easy. Fees, features, customer satisfaction and many more need to consider before clicking the send button. In the crowded market of those services, choosing the best one is no less than an overwhelming task.  Therefore, we have done some extensive research to pick one of the best. Yes, it is Xendpay. 

How can you open an Account with Xendpay?

Signing up in Xendpay is very easy. You can sign up either for a business or an individual account. To open a verified personal account, you need to provide the following information:

  • Name and Email Address
  • Nationality
  • Physical Address
  • Cell phone number
  • Preferred countries for money transfer
  • Preferred currencies for payment and delivery 
  • Estimated Annual average amount for transfer
  • Frequency of transfer (e.g., weekly, monthly, etc.)
  • Reason for the transfers 
  • Source of the transferred  money 

If you cannot provide these details and verify the account, you will not be able to send more than one transaction of £900 or equivalent currencies. Therefore, to keep your account authentic and the transections safe, do not forget to verify the account. 

How can you transfer money through Xendpay? 

The Xendpay platform is straightforward to use. There are not many complicated steps to start transferring. If you have an account, you have to go through some simple actions and the money will be on the other side of the globe.

  • You have to select the Destination for the money transfer first and then have to put the amount. The unique ‘Pay What You Want’ feature will let you decide how much fee you want to pay for the transfer. 
  • Insert the recipient’s details like Name, Address, Email, Phone Number, and Bank Information (if required). 
  • Pay for the transfer with your Bank Account, Credit/Debit Card. Please keep in mind there may be some extra charge if you pay by card. However, you will be able to see in Xendpay, how much you are paying. 
  • Track the money and get notified when it is delivered. 

How much it cost to send money 

The best thing about the Xendpay is you can choose how much you want to pay as fees up to £2000 or its equivalent to other currency per year. Besides, if you have a business the amount is up £4000 per year. How great is that? 

Once you have exceeded this limit, a regular fee will be applied. You have to pay 0.41% of the entire amount as a transfer fee for USD. However, for any other currencies, the cost may go up to 1.5% of the total transfer.

How long it takes to deliver the money. 

Xendpay is one of the quickest services to deliver your hard-earned money to the destination. Generally, the transfer from card takes one business day, and bank transfer depends on your preference.  However, there may be some factors like country-specific banking procedures or technical issues, which can delay the processes. 

Payment by Cards 

This method is a little expensive; however, it ensures a quick delivery. Euro (EUR), Pound (GBP) and USD will be delivered on the same day. The same-day delivery follows the UK business days (Monday through Friday). If you send it during the weekend, the recipient will get it on the next business day. 

The time may vary if your selected destination uses two currencies (like GBP and EUR in the UK). Moreover, all other currencies except EUR, GBP, and USD will take two business days to be delivered. 

Transfer time also affects the delivery duration. Any transaction after 2 pm UK time will end up in next day delivery. Therefore, it will be best to complete the transaction by 11 am to ensure same-day delivery.  

Bank Transfer 

It is a different ball game than the card payment. When you choose the transfer from the bank, it is essential to mention how much time it will take to disburse the money from the bank to the Xendpay system. After that, the Xendpay schedule will effect. 

The bank transfer option is less expensive; nevertheless, it takes more time. So, if you need a quick turn over, go for the card payment. 

How secure is Xendpay? 

While transferring money, you are handing over your hard-earned fortune to some web-based platform. Thus, the first thing you will look for is security. One thing we can assure you that your money and transactions are safe with Xendpay.

The company is an agent and sister concern of Rational Foreign Exchange Ltd. (Rational FX). The mother company is registered in England and Wales with registration number 08071223. The office of the Xendpay is located in Level 32, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E145AB. 

As a PSD agent (FRN 583155) of Rational FX, the Financial Conduct Authority of the UK authorizes Xendpay. The authorization number or FRN of Rational FX is 583155. The authorization is valid under the Payment Service Regulations of 2017.

You do not have to get in any money laundering trouble while using Xendpay. It is a registered Money Service Business under the Money Laundering Regulation of 2017. Her Majesty’s Revenue and Custom (HMRC) issue the registration for Rational FX. 


Why is Xendpay one of the best? 

Xendpay overseas money transfer reviews by eCommpareFX

Multiple Transfer Facility 

Xendpay comes with various transfer facilities. You can transfer money through both personal and business accounts. For individual transfer, you do not have to pay any currency exchange fees. Moreover, the shipment will be free from any last-minute changes in currency exchange rates. You can enjoy this facility from any corner of the world except the USA. Additionally, the company is still working on setting up schedule transfer.

A business transfer is not as cheap as a personal one; however, it still offers exceptional service at competitive fees. You may have to look at the current highs and lows of the FOREX trading rates. Like personal transfer, you will not get the scheduling facility yet.     

Convenient Fees 

You can choose how and where your money will go. It can be on your bank account or your mobile device. Whatever you select those services will come with a nominal delivery fee. Believe me; you will find it worthy when you will find how hassle-free the process is. 

Using your bank or credit card for payment is highly appreciable. This convenient service comes with a processing fee. However, the amount will vary based on the location of your residence, and the financial institution issued the card. Make sure you know the details about all the card related fees before proceeding. 

High Transfer Limit 

Transfer limit may not be an issue when you are sending it to friends or families. However, it will be a vital factor while transferring for business purposes. You never know when you will have to pay for big order or transfer to your partner’s overseas account. In these situations, you need a high transfer limit.  

You will be able to transfer up to £100,000 at each transaction. However, your account needs to be verified and may need to go through some security procedures. All of these are to keep your money safe and protect the online transfer. If you need more limits, talk to customer service.

Multilingual customer service

One of the significant issues with international money transfer services is the customer support. Most of them do not have a multilingual customer support service. As a result, things become messy while dealing with international customers. 

The Xendpay currently offers customer sport in English and French. Very soon, they will introduce Spanish, German, Polish, and Italian in the fleet. Thus, the clients can get solutions in any language of their preference 24/7. 

Mobile App and Device Synchronization 

Mobile Devices are the new trend of modern lifestyle. If a service has no mobile app, not only is it inconvenient but also loses the interest of the clients. Xendpay, as a growing money transfer platform, has an iOS-based app and working on to launch the Android-based app soon. 

No matter if you have an iPhone or an iMac; the app will work on both of them. Additionally, you can synchronize them in all the devices and can use them from any of them. As a tech reviewer, we will recommend maintaining the highest level of security features while using this money transfer platform in your devices. 

Instant Exchange Rate Calculator 

Knowing the current exchange rate can be a great hassle while you are transferring money. However, Xendpay has the solution. The cost calculator gives you a heads up about the new enhanced rate. Moreover, you will get a complete idea of upcoming fees at the same time. 

Do you know the best thing about this calculator section? You can easily compare rates with other platforms like Travelex or Western Union.  As long as you are using Xendpay, you do not have to worry about exchange rate mark-ups.    

Xendpay comes with Coupons and Loyalty Program 

This popular money transfer platform offers many coupons. The most popular one is Pay Day Offer. During the last week of a selected month, you do not have to pay any transfer fee. How awesome is that? If you are planning to transfer some part of paycheck to your family, there is no other better alternative than Xendpay. 

Referring to a friend is the best loyalty program Xendpay offer. If you refer a friend and he/she use the service to transfer money overseas, both of you will get £10, $10 or €10 as a referral bonus. Therefore, the more, the merrier. Do not hesitate to refer your friends and family. If they start transferring money through Xendpay, you can just rely on your credits.

Pros and Cons of Xendpay 

No matter how excellent service or product is some customers will have some issues with it. However, the numbers of those dis-satisfying factors are low for an excellent money transfer service like Xendpay. Let us look at some of the great features as well as few satisfaction issues.  


  • No transfer fee for up to £2000or equivalent currencies transfer per year
  • No transfer fee as well for up to £4000 or equivalent currencies for a business account per year
  • You can get an advance rate of the entire transfer
  • No maximum limit for transfer as long as your account is verified and the customer support team is notified
  • You can use either cards or bank accounts for payments
  • Same day delivery for card payment
  • Mobile apps for convenient use 
  • Multilingual, 24/7 customer support
  • Transactions are safe under multiple monetary regulation boards
  • Coupons and Referral bonuses


  • According to some customers, the signup and transfer process is a bit lengthy
  • You may feel hesitant to provide all the personal details. However, they are only used for safe transfer. 
  • The desktop version of the platform do not sync very well with Firefox browser
  • Xendpay does not show the bank fees. Thus, you may end up paying more than you expect
  • Few customers were not happy with the services of the customer support

Now you know about all the greatness of Xendpay. What are you waiting for? Use it for your next transfer to your friends or families overseas. Do not forget to refer them too. £10 per referral is not a matter of joke. What do you say?

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Xendpay Review
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Xendpay is a popular overseas money transfer platform. It offers the transfer facility to 205 countries on 51 currencies. Thus, you are getting a pair of 2968 currencies for a quick and convenient transfer. ‘Pay What You Want’ offers a unique option to pick your exclusive transfer fee for up to £2000 or equivalent currencies annually. 

With premium security features under multiple monetary regulations, the platform ensures one of the safest transactions. You will also get quick and multiple delivery options. With no transfer limit, Xendpay is ideal for both personal and business deals. 

Minimum and straightforward fees, as well as dedicated customer support, makes it one of the most booming transfer platforms. You can easily open an account and start transferring happiness and business worldwide.