When it comes to women’s fleece jacket and other outerwear, color choice is crucial. The right hue can pull an outfit together, while the wrong shade can wash you out or send the wrong vibe.

As both a fashion writer and a woman with a bursting closet, I’ve experimented with every jacket color under the sun.

Here’s my definitive guide to selecting the most flattering, versatile, and trendy jacket colors for women this season.

1. Black – A Timeless Classic

You can’t go wrong with a black jacket – it’s the most classic, timeless color that goes with everything.

Whether you’re headed to the office, running errands, or going out at night, black jackets always look polished and put together.

Black is a slimming color that easily dresses up or down. It’s also easy to mix and match black jackets with other pieces in your wardrobe.

I have black blazers in various fabrics like crepe, wool, and tweed that I wear at least weekly.

2. Navy – A Subtle Neutral

Similar to black, navy is another neutral jacket color that pairs well with nearly any outfit. A dark navy jacket acts as a subtle basic for both casual everyday wear and professional settings.

Lighter shades of navy or cobalt blue can also add a fun pop of color. I love my navy corduroy jacket – it goes with jeans on the weekend but still looks professional enough to wear to client meetings.

best women's fleece jacket
best women’s fleece jacket

3. Olive Green – An Unexpected Neutral

Move over black and navy – olive green is the new neutral in town. A green jacket adds an unexpected twist to any outfit.

Rich olive shades pair perfectly with other fall tones like camel and maroon. I recently got an olive green utility jacket from J. Crew that I’ve worn nonstop with jeans, pink sweaters, striped tees, and more.

4. Camel – A Warm Neutral

Camel or tan jackets are ideal for fall and winter. These warm earthy tones add a dose of coziness to any outfit.

I reach for my favorite light camel peacoat constantly in the colder months – it looks stylish over chunky sweaters as well as dresses and slacks for a day at the office.

Camel jackets pair well with navy, olive, gray and can add some visual interest to an otherwise neutral outfit.

5. Red – Make a Bold Statement

Want your jacket to pack a punch? Go for a bold red. Red jackets instantly grab attention and make a memorable fashion statement.

A bright fire engine or cherry red coat looks stylish with neutrals like black, white, gray, and blue.

I have a red leather moto jacket that always gets compliments whenever I wear it. While attention-grabbing reds work for parties and weekends, try burgundy or oxblood reds for the office.

6. Metallics – Add Some Shine

Metallic jackets like gold, silver, rose gold, or bronze add eye-catching shine to any outfit.

I love wearing my rose gold bomber jacket at night – it makes any outfit club-ready in an instant.

Metallics look amazing with black, white, denim, or bold accessory colors like emerald or ruby.

Save ultra-reflective metallic coats for parties and stick with subdued copper or bronze tones for daytime.

Those are my top picks for the best and most versatile women’s jacket colors. Beyond these basics, don’t be afraid to experiment with bolder hues like emerald green, cobalt blue, eggplant purple, or coral pink this season.

The right vibrant jacket can make a statement and show off your style. Use these tips to pick jacket colors that are flattering, and versatile and make you look pulled together no matter where you’re headed.

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