The EUR/USD trading was going on a hop for the last few days. Before rising to $1.105, the rate went down to $1.0927 that initiated an agitation among the investors. They are mostly on selling mindset influenced by the sheer sentiment. They cannot be blamed as the market is going with a bullish $1.110 rate.

Currently, the EUR/USD trade is on the verge of a rise keeping in mind the upcoming US session. It may go up to $1.1150. No wonder, the traders will be a bit perplexed whether to keep or loosen their currency stock. 

The GBP/USD trade, on the contrary, was enjoying a consolidation for the last few weeks. However, during the early stage of European session the rate changes from $1.2375 to $1.2450. Although the rise may look promising; however, the cut in ECB deposit rate detour the tendencies of the investors in multiple directions.  Just like EUR/USD, you may find a bullish trend in the EUR/USD trade.

All these non-trendy mindsets of the investors affected the safe-haven Gold market. Right now, the price range is maintaining a steady $1500-ish pattern. However, like ECB if the US Federal Reserve lowers the deposit rate, you may end up trading at around $1484 rate. 

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