How can you orbit your hard-earned remittance around the globe using OrbitRemit money transfer

Each time your money is online for a transfer, you hold your breath until the receiver gets it. Well, it is not easy to relax 100% unless you entirely rely on the transfer service. Many services around the world that will carry your money to friends; however, only a few of them will do it smoothly.

OrbitRemit money transfer is one of the leading money transfer services in the market. It has a diverse extension, dedicated customer services, and flat transfer fees. With one of the most competitive exchange rate, you will always get extra from your money. The smile of your loved ones will be a bonus for you. So the OrbitRemit will be the answer to how to transfer money overseas. 

How to open an account with OrbitRemit

Opening an account with OrbitRemit is easy. All you need is an email address and a strong password. The sign-up page for the OrbitRemit is easy to use and navigate. After you put the email address and register, you have to verify the address, and you are good to go.

According to the OrbitRemit website, use the ‘view password’ option so that you do not put it wrong. You can use both the web and app version of this instant money transfer service. 

OrbitRemit users found it very easy to open their account. They ranked the ease of the process 2 out of 2 in Monito.  Moreover, the clarity of the webpage and setting up transfers are also the highest-ranked facilities of this service.  

Money transfer fees of OrbitRemit

With a satisfaction score of 7.8 out of 10, OrbitRemit offers one of the competitive flat money transfer fees of the market. Additionally, this global money transfer service provides some special promotions on different occasion and seasons.

For more significant transfers like above $10,000, there is no transfer fee. However, if you are sending anything below that the costs are fixed and straightforward. You can get the detail fee structure from the OrbitRemit website; nevertheless, the main features are as follows.

  • Any transactions from New Zealand in NZD are $4. If the transfer is to the Philippines, the fee is $6 
  • Any transfer from Australia in AUD is $4
  • Cost for the transections from UK in GBP is £2

One of the best features of OrbitRemit is you can get the real-time fee information from the website. If there is any change in the structure, you will get an update on the registered email. How convenient is that? 

Ways of sending money through OrbitRemit

The more, the better, OrbitRemit believes in this motto. This convenient way to transfer money overseas comes with two options. The first one is obviously the easiest, Bank transfer and the second one is the POLi


Like PayPal and Venmo, POLi is an online money transfer option. You can use this option to pay directly from your bank account. During each transfer, you have to select the POLi option, and the convenient transfer system of OrbitRemt will take care of everything. 

The POLi comes with a list of banks that support the system. If you have an account with one of the supported banks, you can easily do the transfer. 

  • Select your bank
  • Put the internet banking credentials
  • Confirm the payments. 

POLi is safer than any conventional credit and debit card. Additionally, it maintains the same security standard as your bank or other financial institutions. 

Bank Transfer 

The Bank Transfer is always accessible and safe. You have to choose while you are selecting Fund Transfer between Bank Transfer and POLi. Now, you have to put all the banking details like 

  • Routing Number 
  • Account Number
  • Name of the Account Holder
  • Address of the Account Holder

One of the easiest ways is to put that information during the registration. Then you do not have to repeat this step. 

You cannot transfer on behalf of others. Thus, if the names and other information do not match the transfer will not complete. The transfer will be smoother with your eight-digit customer number from the OrbitRemit as reference. If you forgot to do so, call the customer care and they will resolve the issue promptly. 

When the OrbitRemit server receives your fund from the bank, it will start the process within the shortest possible time.  

How long does it take to send money by using OrbitRemit?

How long does it take to send money by using OrbitRemit

A typical transfer takes a few minutes to a day. The timing depends on the fund source, destination, and the financial regulations of the receiving and sending locations. However, it may take extra time for the following reasons. 

Faulty Verification Process

Transections through OrbitRemit supposed to be smooth unless there is an issue with verification. You will be asked to verify your personal and financial details during the sign-up process. If you, by mistake, put any wrong information the transactions will take forever.

You have to redo the verification process if there is an issue. To check the status of the process, click the ‘Verification’ menu. When it is green, you are good to go. 

Your bank is taking too much time 

Banks are not the fastest of the financial institutions. Thus, they take some extra time to transfer the funds or to verify. Every bank has a local cut-off time after that; it will take another day to complete any processing. 

To avoid delay by the bank, try to complete the transections before the cut-off time of the bank. You can check with the bank or the best way to know will be the Customer Service. You need to remember that release of payment from your bank does not mean OrbitRemit server received it.  

The Receiver bank is delaying the processing 

Just like your bank, the receiver’s bank may also delay the transfer process. Depending on where you are sending the money, the time may vary. Different regions of the world have diverse financial regulations. Therefore, the receiver bank needs to go through those before they release the fund.

Before making any transfer, make sure you check with the local regulations and processing time of the receiving end. Or else, the money for Christmas shopping will be delivered on New Year’s Eve! 

Special features of the OrbitRemit 

Special features of the OrbitRemit

This excellent money transfer company offers an extensive range of attractive features. All of these features not only ensure smooth transfer but also provide some extra benefits for the users. 

These unique features make the OrbitRemit money transfer one of the best in the market. You will not have to face any hassles during the whole transfer processes. Just log in and you will see the happy faces on the other side of the world.  

Online Calculator 

There is no extra hassle to calculate how much you are sending or how much your loved ones will get. The website or the app has an online calculator that instantly calculates the transfer amount with the transfer fee.

You have to insert the amount and the currency type. OrbitRemit will take care of the rest of the calculation and processing. 

Competitive Money Transfer Rate

OrbitRemit keeps updated with the market rate. Thus, you will always get the latest and the most competitive exchange rate. The company is far ahead from its competitors. When rest of the services is calculating the new rates, OrbitRemit already posted it on the web.

Diverse Fund Transfer Options 

Like any other transfer services, this company offers more than one transfer options for your convenience. You can use either your bank account or POLi service. Each of them has their satisfaction over the others. 

Transfer Progress Monitor 

You can monitor all the orbits of the money transfer service of this company. From verification to money transfer, you can track all the activities from the web or the app. In this way, you can see where your money is and when your recipient got the money.

This is the most critical factor during the sign-up process. If you make any mistake during this, the monitor will inform you immediately. 

Biometric Verification  

This state-of-the-art verification ensures premium security with facial verification with other identity documents. You have to take a selfie with the best money transfer app to verify it is really you. Later, you have to scan original identity documents like passport, identity card or driver’s license. 

Make sure you do not take a selfie from any other photographs. Any glare or obstructions during the photo-taking process will delay the registration and verification. 

Referral Program 

OrbitRemit works best with friends and family. You can refer friends to get some extra bucks. In the dashboard, you will found a heart icon to refer to friends or family. If the recipients use your link to register and transfer money, you will get free bucks.

For every three referral and successful transactions, you will get 150 NZD or 75 GBP. There is no limit for the referral. Thus, you can refer to as many as possible become rich. Make sure you inform the friend or family to accept the cookies from OrbitRemit. 

Is OrbitRemit Safe? 

Yes, OrbitRemit is one of the safest money transfer options in the world. The company is successfully serving and satisfying millions of customers for the last ten years. With its headquarters stained in New Zealand, OrbitRemit is a registered financial company with New Zealand Companies Office under the FSPR with the reference number FSP7721.

As both Australia and the UK is the principal working base of the company, so it is registered there also. The Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) authorised OrbitRemit to operate in their jurisdictions. In the UK, the company is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to conduct international money transfer. 

  • Australia: OrbitRemit Limited is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and registered with the Financial Intelligence Unit (AUSTRAC) as a money remitter. Our Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) number is 470646, and our AUSTRAC registration number is 100439420.
    Our Australian Registered Body Number (ARBN) is : 601986038. ARBN’s are issued to registrable Australian bodies and foreign companies.
  • New Zealand: In New Zealand we are supervised by the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) as a money remitter. OrbitRemit is listed as a reporting entity: 2174112.
    We are registered with the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) New Zealand: Organization ID 771.
    OrbitRemit is a member of Financial Services Complaints Limited (FSCL), with membership number: 3738.
    We are registered as a Financial service provider (FSP) with registration number 7721.
  • United Kingdom: OrbitRemit is registered as an Authorised Payment Institution (API) with the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), registration number 574486, with passporting rights across the EEA.
    We are registered with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) as a Money Transmitter for the purposes of Anti Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism with registration number 12480317.
    The Information Commissioner’s Office has registered OrbitRemit under the Data Protection Act 1998 with number Z1772664.

The company accounts are entirely segregated from the fund account. Therefore, the transferred funds are no way associated with the company asset. In this way, your money will be safe from any malpractice or financial difficulties, if any, of the company. 

Both the website and the app have state-of-the-art security features like OTP, two-way authentication and many more. What else you can ask for from a money transfer service. 

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of OrbitRemit

Despite some of the highest rankings in Customer Satisfaction, some users have some issues with OrbitRemit. According to the market research survey, geographical limitations, slow responses, and time-taking transactions are the primary sources of dissatisfaction. 

However, most of those issues are very easy to resolve if you can select the appropriate transaction options. 


  • User-friendly website and features
  • Competitive exchange rate of the market 
  • The shortest time for most of the transactions 
  • Flat transaction fee
  • IOS and Android apps are easy to use
  • It is very convenient to send money through the service


  • Sometimes it takes time for the transactions because of the location of receiver and sender
  • Customer Services are occasionally slow to respond
  • Limited geographical extension  

Let your money orbit safely around the world 

Like the orbit of the solar system, the OrbitRemit money transfer will circle your cash and deliver it safely to your loved ones. Trust on this service and let it be the part of this tremendous journey of happiness. No matter what goes on on the planet, the orbit will continue to move to transfer your money.

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New Zealand based company OrbitRemit is one of the best way to transfer money services of the world. If you are located within the Oceania and UK region, this company is the best option for the transfer.

You can transfer in 19 currencies to 37 countries through this company. With decade long experience in the market and state of the art security features, you can have 100% confidence in this service. Additionally, it will offer a flat fee for any transactions.

You can pick between bank transfer and POLi service to transfer funds. Both of the features have their individual facilities. If you face any problem, the company has dedicated customer service. You will get the service 24/7.

There is no maximum amount of transfer and referral. Thus, send as much as possible to make your loved ones happy and put them in your group.