The Bitcoin Price Range is the Story of a Journey Up and Downhill

The cryptocurrency market is like a seasonal spring. Sometime you will see an outburst and sometimes it's just a meander of a thin water...
Common Crypto Scams You Need To Be Aware Of - eCompareFX

Common Crypto Scams You Need To Be Aware Of

Cryptocurrency trading is fast becoming a significant market for trading currency. However, the relatively easy access and the air of anonymity about it makes...
Cryptocurrency and Blockchain companies are now in the list of Global Unicorn Businesses

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Companies are Now in the List of Global Unicorn Businesses

For the last few years, we have seen mere startups turning into billion-dollar Companies. Yes, Uber, Airbnb, Reddit all are included here. However, digital...
Cryptocurrency is the new money of the digital era by eCompareFX

Cryptocurrency is the New Money of the Digital era

Exchange goods between the producers were widely practiced as business transactions during 9000 BC. If someone has any surplus goods, they used to exchange...

Trump Administration May Ban Petro; the Venezuelan Government-Backed Cryptocurrency

The US and South American nation Venezuela is not in very comfortable terms from the last few years. The US government has always accused...

Bitwala, the Common Platform for Both Conventional and Cryptocurrency Banking

Banking, either regular or cryptocurrency is a complicated job now. It involves a simultaneous activity of balance check, transfer, and many more. Moreover, if...
Simple Ways To Make Profit Trading Cryptocurrency - eCompareFX

Simple Ways To Make Profit Trading Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is an industry that is blossoming into one of the biggest money-making platforms for traders. It is one of the fastest-growing industries out...
CoinsHype Vs Wallets World Review & Comparison

CoinsHype Vs Wallets World Review & Comparison

Trading cryptocurrencies is irksome if not done right. It can be tricky and dangerous when you place the wrong foot into the business. Okay,...
Cryptocurrency value will reach to 20K -eCompareFX News

Cryptocurrency value will reach to 20K in 2019 said Michael Novogratz

Cryptocurrency, the latest trend in internet-based financial transactions is expected to reach its highest value in 2019.  Michael Novogratz, the CEO of Galaxy Investment...
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